Are you or is a loved one among the 40-50 million Americans suffering from the pain and sometimes embarrassment of acne?  Are you one of the unfortunates making 14 million expensive physician office visits per year regarding acne?  Many of these are at risk of permanent scars from acne.

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ProActive Steps 1 and 2 (benzoyl peroxide) ProActive, Step 3 (salicylic acid)
Neutragena On the Spot (benzoyl peroxide) Neutragena Rapid Clear (sal. acid)

Clearasil Daily Clear Adult Tinted Acne Cream
(resorcinol + sulfur)

Clearasil Tinted Acne cream (benzoyl peroxide)
Clean & Clear Acne Cleaner (benzoyl peroxide) Clean & Clear Advantage (sal. acid)
Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleaning Noxzema blackhead cleaner (sal. acid)
OXY Maximum Action (benzoyl peroxide) Nanocleanse
Acsonix Regimen (benzoyl peroxide)
Lerosett OTC Organic Acne Face Wash (salicylic acid) Lerosett 100% organic clay treatment
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Acne Treatments, Free Pre-Market Samples from SatisPHARMA, LLC,  postage pre-paid.

NIXZIT™  2-step

Treatment for very oily teen-age skin, wipe on, rub in, wash off, twice a day, and follow with Salicylic acid treatment once a day, diligent daily use is essential.

™ Daily Lotion

This treatment is designed to minimize the number of pimples and severity of blemishes by decreasing the amount of skin oil and the entrapment of these oils.  It calls for diligent daily use.   Samples are in 1-ounce bottles.  The active ingredient is 1% salicylic acid, an exfoliant which conforms to FDA requirements.

The Patch™ Please make a selection.
  These patches are designed for overnight treatment of existing blemishes, providing 1% salicylic acid medication to help open clogged oil pores and allow skin oils to exude naturally, ten adhesive patches per kit. Patches are about 1/2" diameter.   Patches can be left on during the day if desired for hiding an ugly zit.  The patch does not heal acne.  It helps to fix one blemish at a time.
A response form will be sent with every sample, requesting your evaluation of our product(s) in comparison with other products that you have used previously.  Refills can be available.
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Ray HauserHas been self-funded by Ray Hauser during its first 16 months of operation and has announced a Private Placement Memorandum for initial private funding of the company, to be followed soon by "crowd funding" following the guidelines of the LABOR act of 2012.

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